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iTools Pro 1.7.2 - Công cụ quản lý thiết bị iOs Nổi bật

Công cụ chuyên nghiệp quản lý các thiết bị iOS trên Mac, chức năng hoàn toàn tương tự như itools trên Windows như chép ảnh, nhạc, phim, các chức năng về danh bạ, ứng dụng, cuộc gọi....

 Managing the content of your iOS device using iTunes, the default OS X music player, is not always very intuitive. iTools is a simple Mac app that offers an alternative when you need to visualize, organize, or transfer data to and from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
Effortlessly browse the content of your iOS device via a well organized interface

Right off the bat, you must make sure your iOS device is connected to your Mac: iTools automatically detects the available gadgets and then displays all the available information, organized into multiple tabs. As a result, you should be able to find what you are looking for in no time.

You can use the iTools app to view all installed applications, your photo / music / movies / ringtones / books / contacts library, all the available files, but also general details about the device, such as type, iOS version, or if it has been jailbroken or not.
Manage your iPhone’s or iPad’s data via user friendly tools

iTools offers you the possibility to import or export items without having to deal with complex tools. At the same time, you also have the option to delete certain elements. As far as applications are concerned, iTools enables you to delete, archive, or browse the content of the user installed utilities.

Within the iTools application, you should be able to visualize the activity of the iOS device in real time: the app installs an additional plug-in to handle this task, but during our test the screen loading procedure failed. Note that iTools downloads and installs this plug-in automatically without asking for confirmation.
Streamlined iOS device management solution featuring an user friendly workflow

iTools proposes simple solutions for transferring data from your iOS device to your Mac, and vice versa, in no time, without having to deal with complex tools. iTools can archive or browse the content of any installed app, enables you to browse and preview your media library, and so on. However, the developers do not provide any kind of documentation, so you will have to learn ho to use the app on your own.


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 iTools Pro 1.1.5

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iTools Pro v1.7.2

Sửa lần cuối vào Thứ ba, 29 Tháng 11 2016 08:56
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3 bình luận

  • Bình luận Thứ hai, 21 Tháng 11 2016 20:38 được đăng bởi

    Mình vừa cài thử vẫn chạy ok trên Sierra nha bạn (Bản iTools Pro v1.7.1)

  • Bình luận Ngữ Thứ bảy, 19 Tháng 11 2016 08:11 được đăng bởi Ngữ

    Sao không cài được trên macos 10.12.1 ad ơi

  • Bình luận HA Thứ hai, 04 Tháng 7 2016 22:27 được đăng bởi HA

    App mở ra toàn tiếng Trung Quốc thôi ad ơi @@

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